::red brick house:: welcome to our home!

 Finally!  A few pictures of our house!  (as a side note, it's been so long since I've blogged
that I'm not even sure how to use this new format... so if it looks all wonky, my apologies!)
We're still working on so much of our house - there's so many details that are getting pushed
by the wayside since they're unexciting (um, painting doors!?!) so I feel pretty accomplished
that I've finally finished our entryway.  (Coincidence that it's the tiniest space in the house? 
Mm, probably not!)
 When you first walk in, there's the old cigar store Indian to greet you, standing in front of the old bus scroll
that I made a few years ago to commemorate some of the spots we've visited together.  Looking
forward you can see a little ways down the hallway that leads to all of the bedrooms.
 Looking up, you can see my favorite part of the entry - the ceiling!  I love the old schoolhouse light fixture
(we got ours from Amazon) and the painted chevron ceiling.  Our walls have way too much
texture to tape off lines (so I thought...) so this is one of the few places I could try this...I put it off for
so long because I thought it was going to be unbelievable tricky, but once I decided to do it, the
project went pretty quickly and I got it done in an afternoon.  I'll try to post a tutorial on how I did it...
 View from the living room... this archway is to the left of the door when you walk in.
 I really wanted our entry to be FUNCTIONAL, with lots of hooks, a place to sit, and room
for shoes, since otherwise, things just get trashed.  (I know us.)  Chad made this bench for me that we
were using as a coffee table, but we moved it in here to take advantage of its size.  I still love it
just as much as when he first made it for me! 
The little coat rack was my simple project.  I measured it to take advantage of every inch along that wall.  I measured and cut the board to the exact length of the room.  I ran a real quick coat of stain that I had onhand over the length of the board, and then screwed in these eight little schoolhouse hooks that I found at Home Depot.  There's actually some stamping on the wood that I left on the side that showed just because I like the look of it. 
Up above the coatrack is an old black and white photo of our little town, back when it was just getting started.  I followed Jenny's link to the tutorial from here, but I have to be honest:  this was not a smooth project for me.  It's a photo blown up on blueprint paper, then attached to foam core board from Home Depot with spray adhesive.  Sounds simple, right?  I could not get a straight edge to save my life, and probably would have abandoned the project if it weren't for the fact that the placement here means that nobody will ever see the edges of it. 
I went through two different kinds of insulation - one made of little styrofoam balls that was a complete mess.  The second was more like the foam core board you find for science projects, but it was pink.  So when you visit, look close, and you may see a pinkish hue!  I did this a while ago, and about two months later, the paper started falling off of the styrofoam.  Instead of respraying everything, I just stuck a piece of two sided tape in each corner and it's been fine, but we'll see how long it lasts.

 Anoher view of the painted Chevron ceiling, just cause!
This is the view from the hallway, looking back at the front door.  Pretty simple, but I want to point
out the horse shoe hanging above the door for good luck.  I've wanted one for a while, but didn't want
just any old horseshoe, so I asked my Gramma in Oklahoma if she could get one for me... and the last
time my parents came to visit they brought it along from their last trip to see Gramma in OK.  I love
that there's a little part of her and Oklahoma in our house!
So there it is!  Truth is, I still need to paint the baseboards and, of course, the doors, but for now I
love it.  It's reassuring when I look around our house and see bare walls with no pictures and nail
holes and wires that at least one small space looks finished and complete and that I love everything about it!
I'm hoping this will get me  back on the bandwagon to start 1.  Blogging again and 2.  To start
documenting our house and our lives again.  There's a lot going on around these parts!!!
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