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Since we've moved into our new home, I've been trying to make sure that anything goes up is
something that one of us really loves. Since the dude doesn't usually care one way or the other,
that's usually my determination (though I do ask for his opinion, probably relentlessly). The
same thing applies for Christmas decor, and I have to say that I've really loved decorating this year.
Most of our Christmasy things went into the living room and our bedroom, simply because those
are the two rooms that are the most "finished". Hopefully, next year we'll have even more pics
of more places!
From the top:
Christmas book collection and a crock that I never got around to potting an evergreen in,
our few presents all wrapped up after the Wrap Party,
my old school Santa collection (I mostly like Santas with hoods) on the mantle,
my nativity under last year's gift from my mom - my cloche,
three wooden reindeer,
homemade pendant that Jill and I made while she was out for Thanksgiving and last year's
Christmas card from R,
and tree bark canoes from my Mom stuffed with evergreen and candy canes,
Homemade pendants on the curtains behind the tree and Barb's gift to us this year
I love a Christmas house.


Anonymous said...

V. here...I saw these before Christmas, but I guess I forgot to comment. I love the little banners and how wasted a mantle would be without greenery at Christmas! My heart belongs to the old old little nativity under the cloche. How come the things I give to you I always want back because you make them look so good?(the canoes)

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RoadLux Tires said...

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