::dec 22:: a christmas wrap party

Thursday was our (First Annual??) Wrap Party and it was a success!
So much so, in fact, that I didn't take a single picture the entire evening.
We sent our invitations in early December so that folks would know to hold
their presents and not have to worry about the wrapping until the night of the party.
We had seven folks wrapping (and two husbands for a little while) and it was a flurry
of wrapping paper, bows, boxes, and sweet treats.
Things went pretty quickly and as people finished up with their own gifts, we moved
on to those that had more to wrap. Leslie mentioned how great it was going to be that
she didn't have to be up till 3 am on Christmas Eve finishing up the wrapping!
This was such a low-key, easy party to throw that I think we'll do the same thing again next year.
Chad suggested maybe even inviting couples and having the girls upstairs and the guys
downstairs with the kitchen as a neutral zone, so we may do it that way to switch it up...

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Anonymous said...

V. here...very special invites!!sounds very efficient... combing a fun party with a way to check off some of the to do list! If you do it more than 2 times it will be a tradtion and you can never quit!!

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