::dec 22:: a christmas wrap party

Thursday was our (First Annual??) Wrap Party and it was a success!
So much so, in fact, that I didn't take a single picture the entire evening.
We sent our invitations in early December so that folks would know to hold
their presents and not have to worry about the wrapping until the night of the party.
We had seven folks wrapping (and two husbands for a little while) and it was a flurry
of wrapping paper, bows, boxes, and sweet treats.
Things went pretty quickly and as people finished up with their own gifts, we moved
on to those that had more to wrap. Leslie mentioned how great it was going to be that
she didn't have to be up till 3 am on Christmas Eve finishing up the wrapping!
This was such a low-key, easy party to throw that I think we'll do the same thing again next year.
Chad suggested maybe even inviting couples and having the girls upstairs and the guys
downstairs with the kitchen as a neutral zone, so we may do it that way to switch it up...

::dec 21:: christmas baking

Wednesday night was a storm of baking in preparation for tomorrow night's Wrap Party!
We have plenty of ginger molasses cookies, wassail, candy cane brownies, candied popcorn,
rice krispy treats, and cream puffs (not homemade). Let the wrapping begin!
Pic from here

::dec 20:: shopping for baking

Tonight we ran to the Wal-Marts to pick up some baking supplies -
tomorrow night is our treat baking night and we're getting ready!
(An added bonus? Some friends stopped by to say hello and brought us each
an early Christmas present - a rope bag for him and an apron for me - perfect timing!)
Pic from here
do you feel like this is a stretch to call this our christmas activity?
probably, but it works for me

::dec 18:: christmas concert with grandma

Sunday morning was the Conference Center for Music and the Spoken Word
with Grandma and Jana and Steve and their local family.
Beautiful - and we just so happened to have a-mazing seats!


::dec 17:: reindeer and a christmas concert

Saturday morning (our 'versary! 6 years!) we headed up north.
We had tickets to the annual Christmas Concert at the LDS
Conference center, so we decided to make a weekend out of it.
On the way up, we stopped and saw the reindeer at
Thanksgiving Point! They must know the Big Night is coming
up soon because they didn't do a whole lot except lay around
(and look really bored!)


::dec 16:: work christmas party

Friday night was our annual work party. This year I was involved in helping to plan it,
and it turned out to be a complete success! I think what really made the evening fun
were the incentives that we used to get people to dress using Christmas colors
and Christmas "bling". All of the red and green and Santa hats felt so festive
and as cheesy as it sounds, I think it really put everyone in the Christmas spirit.
(turns out, we don't own any Christmas bling, so we used all the red we could find!)

::dec 14:: fail!

On Wednesday, we get all ready to go out to Tuacahn to see the live
nativity, one of our very favorite Christmas traditions. When we got
out there, though, it was all dark and quiet, and no one was around.
Turns out, they only do the nativity on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
now. Instead, we took some pictures by the lit Christmas tree, and headed
home with our hot chocolate. I hope we make it back before Christmas!


::dec 13:: making a list and checking it twice

Tonight we stayed in and reviewed our list for Christmas shopping.
We had a couple of gifts still up in the air but had some good ideas
tonight. Now hopefully tomorrow we can get it done!


::dec 12:: trimming the tree

Tonight we decorated the tree that we brought home last night.
It's so little and perfect, we just love it!
As has become our tradition, I put on the lights and Chad helped put on the ornaments.
It takes so much less time to decorate a little five footer!


::dec 11:: picking out the perfect tree

Finally, we picked out a Christmas tree!
We went with a much smaller size this year.
This guy is about five feet tall but he's just perfect for what we wanted.
We'll let him spread his branches and settle in a little bit and then maybe tomorrow...
we decorate!

::dec 10:: christmas shopping

Chad took a break from his studies to do a little Christmas shopping with me.
We picked out some good things that I think those girls will like!
And then... dinner with friends to close out the evening.
I love Christmas weekends.

::dec 9:: christmas art walk

Friday night was the quarterly Art Walk in our town.
There's several galleries downtown, so everything was close enough for us to walk to.
It was such a fun evening to spend walking from gallery to gallery,
enjoying our local artists,
and listening to different musicians playing Christmas music
in each gallery.
I'm thinking this may be a new Christmas tradition!?!

::dec 8:: hot chocolate date

Chad has to spend the night up at work again tonight,
so we stopped at Starbucks on the way up to work to enjoy a moment together.
Instead of hot chocolate, I got a Spiced Caramel Apple Cider. Mmmm!
Instead of hot chocolate, Chad got a Spiced Chai Latte.
Does that still count as a hot chocolate date?!?

::dec 7:: walking in a christmas wonderland

We're short on time together around these parts, so tonight we called our walk with the dogs
our Christmas moment - we walked around the "old money" part of STG and saw lots of
mid century mod houses with Christmas lights!
pic from here


::dec 6:: cupcakes and storybooks

This has been a long week at work, and Chad's working on his final papers,
so we're taking our Christmas moments while we can.
Wednesday night, we bought cupcakes and brought them home to eat.
I read through a couple of favorite Christmas books, and
as we fell asleep, we started watching my new favorite Christmas movie,
Christmas Story.


::dec 5:: christmas song trivia

Monday was Chad's night to be in the field,
so we didn't have much time together.
To make the most of our drive up to work,
we listened to Christmas music and each tried to guess the song title first.
Chad won; it seems that artists feel a need to do something a little different
in Christmas song intros. They can be tough to figure out.
Try it!

::dec 4:: handels messiah

What better Sunday activity than Handels Messiah?
For the fourth day of December, we went to the Southwest Symphony and Southwest Orchestra's performance of the Messiah. They told us that it has been performed in St. George for something like 150 years?!? It was beautiful, as always. My favorite part? Of course, the trumpet.

::dec 3:: family time and a baptism

Early Saturday morning we headed up north for our nephew's baptism.
Barb gave such a cute talk with all of the kids enthralled,
and then we went back to Cami and Ryan's for an amazing spread of food,
and spent the rest of the day hanging out together.

We're especially glad we had this chance to be together since we ended up
missing Thanksgiving with these guys.

Boo for no pictures. I'll have to see if I can get some from Cami....


::dec 2:: christmas party

Friday night Chad had a Christmas party with an Aftercare Therapy that he's been working on.
You can't really tell since this whole picture is yellowish, but we kind of matched.
It wasn't planned, but it definitely wasn't discouraged!

We had a pretty delicious dinner potluck dinner.
The best part?
An am-azing smoked turkey...
I've never had turkey so good in my life.

::dec 1:: holiday shopping

It's Christmastime again...! My favorite time of year...
This year we're trying the advent thing again since it was so fun last year...

We kicked off the month with a little bit of Christmas shopping.
Our town doesn't have quite the display that NYC does, but it was still fun.
We have a new toy store in town that we explored, and then hit up some big box places.

ps. Doesn't this picture make you think of Silver Bells?
City sidewalks, busy sidewalks
Dressed in holiday style
In the air there's a feeling of Christmas

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