hm hmmm mmm mmm mm mhmm hm hmm mm mmm mhmm....
(that's me humming christmas music, specifically "it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas")

This year at work, we're getting a jump and getting our party planned early... I put together the announcements that went out this week and it sure is putting me in the holiday mood. Any holiday planning going on in your neck of the woods? Any snow? (Luckily, we've been hanging out in the 50s and 60s - just where I like it until the week before Christmas!) I'm getting so excited!

This year we're doing minute-to-win-it games with lots of good prizes and it is gonna be so fun!

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday I went to Big 5 sporting goods to get a pair of water shoes for the pool. Just being around all the sales (I don't get out much) put me in the Christmas Spirit. Now we are listening to car radio stations that play the Christmas music--it's quite nice. --wc

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