::happy birthday:: to me

Yesterday was my birthday! The big Double 3. Ooh, that hurts. This is the first birthday where I feel like I'm crossing the threshold and am no longer young. Weird. What a weird feeling. And maybe I should have felt it several years ago, but this is the first one for me. Ugh. At least Chad will always be older :)

Chad spoiled me for my birthday. He hates weekday birthdays - kind of like they're a waste since you have to go to work, so he gave me a gift before we left for work, an amazing leather satchel that I've been eyeing for, oh, I don't know... about a year. When I got home from work, I took a tub in our neeeeeew bathtub and then got ready for dinner at Anasazi. We had some amazing fondue and I had chicken on a rock and Chad had a Flat Iron Steak on the rock. (Sound familiar? We did dinner for Chad's birthday there, too!) We ate entirely too much, so we skipped dessert and went home to open presents! I was so lucky and got several other presents to open, including this pillow below from Heather.
Isn't it the cutest? It's from the Etsy shop Red Bird Vintage and has the year we were married on it! I'm so in love with it - it's even cuter in real life than it was in the photo... now that I've seen the quality I've added her Merry Christmas pillow to my wish/dreamlist, too!
Thanks to everyone for all of the birthday phone calls, emails, texts, and facebook messages - it totally made my day!
Untile next year, Birthday.

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Anonymous said...

v. here... Happy Birthday, I love you and your posts!! Sounds like your not getting older...your birthdays are just getting better!!

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