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I mentioned the fir floors in our house that run across the entire upper floor, and that they've been covered almost everywhere. Well, in the front room they've been covered by a natural covered oak; it ends at the entryway, so it's just the single room that's done. The entry and the hallway had been painted over with olive green paint. When we first started talking about the plans, we had decided to lay down oak in the entry and down the hallway so that it would flow a little bit better. We bought all of the hardwood and then realized that would mean putting down five or more transitions to go from the oak down to the fir floors in 3 bedrooms, the kitchen, and the bathroom, not to mention two closets in the hallway as well.
(views of the entryway from the front room and the hallway)
So we changed our mind and decided to lay the oak in the entryway only. That way, the entry would feel more a part of the living room, and we would only have to put down one transition into the hallway. Since it was such a small area, Chad didn't bother renting a tool; instead, he did it the old fashioned way. Using a hammer and nails, he attached the oak floor to the fir underneath and then hammered it in with his nail set.

(in the picture on the left, you can see the edge where the baseboard ends -
that's the same place the new floor starts; not a perfect match, but it looks pretty good!
on the right - see how pretty that green was? blech!)

And the finished product with a SINGLE transition to lay down.
We were able to pull up the old transition without damaging it, so we'll cut it down and re use it.
I just love the seamless entry into the front room.
The natural colored wood was really pretty -- but I love what we did instead!

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Looks great!

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