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Last weekend, one of my girlfriend's ended up with an extra ticket to Thriller out at Tuacahn and invited me along. During intermission, the "Thriller" zombies mingle with audience members and pose (strangely) with everyone...

You may remember Chad and I went in 2009 - but I didn't know whether to expect the same program, or a completely new one. Luckily for me, the Bride of Frankenstein was pretty much the same (amazing) number but the rest was mostly new to me, and it was so good! They didn't have near as much AudioVisual stuff up on the projectors, which I appreciated. (Seriously - a dance show should not be 50% stupid video). How did you/are you celebrating Halloween?


Anonymous said...

V. here...This is indeed scary with the teeth and eyes. What a special treat-lots of dancing. We don't have costumes this year-and the Halloween candy I bought for display is gone- So we'll have to get creative Mon night. (that really is scary)

blackstarmonkey said...

ohh this looks fun!!!
we did so much pumpkin cooking and went on the ghost tour of pike place market and danced and danced!!!

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