::bedroom 2: more about paint::

Our new house has three bedrooms upstairs and one down in the basement.
We've tried to figure as best as we can what the rooms will be used for,
and the middle one, shown below... well, it's mine!

This is the new craft room/bill pay/scrapbook (maybe?)/quiet/reading room.
I'm pretty excited about it in general, but I most especially love the closet.
I've got big plans...
If you were going to have a closet office, what color would you paint it?
I've debated about turquoise, orange, green, and would you believe pink?
I keep visiting this one in my mind...
Does the wall color look familiar? Well, just be quiet - it's not the same!
It's much lighter than either color that was put in the front room,
though it looks eerily similar on my computer screen.
This was actually a custom color - I went in to Lowe's and had the color in this room mixed,
brought it home and it just looked white. So I took it back, had them add a little more
color to it, and then kept it.
It's now in my room, the hallway upstairs, the dog/mud room, the stairs down, and all the basement rooms. It looks pretty and clean in my room, but looks
really great downstairs on the flat no-texture walls.
I wasn't completely sold on the color at first (surprised? no. i didn't think so.),
but after the living room fiasco, I wasn't going to change my mind. It's grown on me a lot
and now I couldn't be happier about my calm, clean, carpet-free room.
Yep, the yucky, smelly carpet bit the dust soon after the paint was done.
Sorry if I keep casually mentioning the new floors, but I JUST LOVE THEM!


Kaitlin said...

Hi there, paint looks great! I am also very indecisive and if it drives my husband crazy he's very good at keeping it a secret. I decided to paint my living room and connecting hallway the Valspar Colonial Gray. I'm having a hard time trying to pick what color to do the bathrooms, bedrooms, and downstairs... I figure anything would go with gray but I want it to all blend together too. Keep posting what it is you decide to do!

Anonymous said...

V. here... it is so wonderful to have a room of your own to decorate, read, and create. you have such clean streamlined tastes. No doubt you will get a lots done there!!

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