::fir flooring::

The most exciting thing about having the walls painted... is knowing that it's time to pull up the carpet! When we looked at the house originally, we pulled up a little piece of carpet in the corner and I almost died over the floors. (Seriously. I die.) There's old fir floors throughout the main floor of the house, but they're covered almost everywhere.

We used a little trick I saw on HGTV a looong time ago. One of the designers recommended cutting the carpet into a width that's more manageable to carry. In our last house, my folks were helping us on that day, and my little Mom made lots of trips carrying 18 inch wide carpet jelly rolls out of the house to the trash. Obvi, with Chad we cut them into much larger pieces.

We saw the most potential under the carpets in my project room and Chad's MANland - they definitely looked easy enough to refinish... I mean, aside from a major old-time-carpet stain, some water damage, rotting wood, and duct tape.

So what do you think?
When I look at this picture, I'm equally giddy... and horrified.
(pictures from my project room)


Anonymous said...

Have you actually begun to sand or strip the fir flooring? The "used" look would almost seem a better look than all sandy and smoothy. Whatever you do will be gorgeous I'm sure. --wc

liso. said...

Oh yes, it's begun! I agree that the "used look" is pretty sweet, but there were some pretty bad looking spots. And that inner square is in really bad shape so in order to even things out, we really did have to sand it all out and start over....

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