::bedroom 3:: a darker grey

So this is our third and final bedroom on the main level. Since we're losing a garage when we move over to the new house, this will become Chad's MAN-land. He's planning on using it as an office while he's still in school, and then we'll see what happens with it. No matter what he decides, though, my opinion is not welcome as far as decorating (or especially organizing!).

When it was time to paint, I pointed out a spot near the outlet where the paint was peeling. Chad picked a little bit, and then picked it a lot. The texture was completely separated from the wall, so Chad kept scraping it with a putty knife until he got to the edges where it was no longer loose. From the color, we assume it was some sort of water damage (the toilet is on the other side of the wall). We weren't too worried about it since we'd be working on that wall anyway, and knew we could replace any pipe that we needed to.

After it was all scraped off, we had to built the wall back up. Since the house is so old, there's years and years of paint and texture built up, so when we scraped it off, there was a significent difference in the level. Chad just smeared on some drywall mud until he got it to a decent thickness and then we use texture-in-a-can to match the texture.

Are you getting a sense of the color scheme in this house? It's a little bit... grey.
Dude was originally thinking about a dark denim blue, or possibly a grey green, but hadn't chosen a definite color when it was time to paint. Instead, he walked into the front room where my color swatches were still painted and pointed at the color on the far left and said, "just do that one." It was a color I had kind of loved for the front room, but was afraid it would be too dark. Turns out, it's pretty much my favorite color in the house. The dark is just perfect. We color matched it to Sherwin Williams Pewter Tankard (SW0023) in Olympic Low VOC Flat paint.

Isn't it gorgeous? I was having some serious paint envy when I saw it on his walls.
Somehow, he has a knack at picking the perfect paint color in a very offhand way. Argh.

ps. What do you think of those floors????


Anonymous said...

V. here...It looks great...and the floors are terrific. how exciting...It has been so much work..

my rebel took over said...

It's looking so good! I love the grey!

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