Several years ago, I heard about this thing called the 30 Strangers Project - I loved the idea and I loved the pictures from previous years, so I added my comment to Justin's blog and crossed my fingers that luck would shine down on me and Justin would pick my comment for a multi-generational photo of me and my ladies. No such luck.

Fast forward to 2011. Again, the project is announced. And I again I comment.
And (you'll never believe this part, since I'm blogging about it) he chose us! So I called Jill and I called Mom and I called The Gramma and everybody said they would make time in their schedules - so Gramma came from Oklahoma, Jill came from Seattle, and Mom came from ABQ, and we all went to Justin's downtown studio.

Justin was fantastic - he put us all at ease immediately, asking us questions and getting to know each of us before the clicking started. Then he took us into the studio and photographed us each individually and then in little groups - then he cranked the music and told us to start dancing! Jill was in heaven, stomping it out, and Gramma just kept shaking her head and laughing. The very next day we came back and watched a slideshow of all of the images - which I.just.loved.

This Friday is the Opening Reception for the 30 Strangers Exhibit and it sounds like it's going to be amazing. If you can't make it to the Opening, the photos will be up at BYU for the entire month of July, so stop by and check them out if you're in the area...

Huge thanks to Justin Hackworth for these priceless pictures of the three ladies that have been closest to me through my entire life - I can't believe how much they already mean to me, and I know that in ten, twenty, thirty years, they'll be even more precious. I love you guys!
ps. I can't wait to hang this picture in our new house. It makes me so happy.
pps. See two of my favorites of Mom and Gramma here


Lindsey said...

That is so cool! The pictures are amazing!

Condita said...

Let me know where at BYU, I'll go look at them! Love the pics, such a great opportunity!

Anonymous said...

V. here...I love the pic by the brick wall too!!You guys a way too much fun. Miss you all.

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