::picking paint::

I'm laughing as I type this... the idea that I! should write about picking paint colors?
You'll understand later...
So we finished up the bedroom in Rain Puddle, and moved on to the living room. I knew I wanted a pretty, soft grey that would make the white trim on the windows really pop out. I knew I didn't want a blue grey, I didn't want a violet grey... just a ... regular grey. I kind of thought that I wanted a beige grey, so I headed to the paint store. Obviously, I picked up zillions of swatches... I really loved the greys in this room and this room, but I didn't want it to come off too dark or too tan. I grabbed a few samples and brought them home and painted swatches on the wall in several places to make sure I could see them in different lighting and check them at different times of day. Then I realized the yellow underneath may be tinting my greys to more of a blue, so I primed and did it again. My first final choices can be seen in the first picture. (Yes, I said my FIRST-FINAL choices. Can you even use the word final you're using the plural?)

I thought the color on the far left was too much tan - and it's actually the color used in one of my inspiration rooms. Not in our house. The second color I loved, but I was afraid it would make our house too dark. After our current house of few windows, we're starved for natural light, and I didn't want our paint color to negate all of our beautiful windows. The third color felt like a lighter tan, and the one on the far right was just too light, almost white. So, back to the drawing board.

We ended up using a custom color that was just a little bit lighter than the swatch on the far right in the second picture, mixed at Lowe's in the Valspar Signature Satin with primer included. (No, it wasn't even included in my first final choices). Chad and I spent a day priming, cutting in primer, painting, cutting in paint, and touching up. And I LOVED it. And then I just liked it. Then I wasn't too sure. Then I was sure it was too blue. And the longer I looked at it, the bluer it got. Bluer and bluer and bluer and bluer. Until I didn't like it at all.


And then Chad left town for a work conference.


The Ringer Family said...

Oh you make me laugh. Good luck! Who knew there were so many grays out there in the world?!

Anonymous said...

V. here...Yes, picking colors is a year long project for me!! I guess the work conference was planned earlier??

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