::living room:: paint color #2

So this is the color we ended up with (Valspar Woodlawn Colonial Gray from Lowe's).
Jill came into town right before Chad left for his conference, so I picked her brain and she agreed that the first color was a little bit too blue in some lighting. So as soon as Chad left, we painted. Again. And again, I was worried it was still too blue. (Chad gets frustrated with my indecisive nature - I tell him to imagine what it's like to BE me!) ... so I vented to Jill and she had a brilliant idea. She told me to bring over some things from home that would be in the room and see how they looked with the wall as the background.

This was so smart! It took the focus off of the wall as it will be once we actually have furniture in the room. It also helped to see our couch cushions with the color, and to see whether the walls will be a major focus (not the intention) or blend more into the background (like I'd wanted). Of course it can't be QUITE that easy for me to make a decision, so I still waffled back and forth about whether or not to keep it. Finally, I decided it was do or die. I threw five more colors on the wall and stayed at the house from 7 in the morning until it got dark so that I could see it in every possible lighting situation. I also took pictures throughout the day so I could compare them. Result? It never felt too blue, and I decided that I really liked the color. Finally! Mission living room paint job... accomplished!

And one more shot with our new wall color ... and a little distraction.

ps. What do you think of those floors? Changes coming!!!


Lindsey said...

Pretty sure Dave needs to read or hear about this, it will make him realize I'm not alone in my indecisiveness. Glad you like the color. It looks good!

Anonymous said...

V. here...I love the mantel and the floors. And how can you be so patient and not just bring everything over so when C gets home-all is moved in.

Anonymous said...

V. here... PS This is probably a great color for sunny SG

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