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We started working in the front bedroom (same bedroom as the hole in the floor) and started working from top to bottom. First things first, ceiling paint. The walls actually weren't a bad color, but I'm a sucker for white ceilings. Plus, we didn't have the color for touch ups. Double plus, isn't it always fun to paint? We still had some paint in our garage from when we painted the ceilings in our current house, so we pulled that out for this room. There was just enough to cover one room. It's Aspen White from Kwal - we bought a 5 gallon bucket for the other house that just came pre-mixed. It was ther "recommended" ceiling paint. Done. The less decisions I have to make, the better.

And then we painted! It was actually pretty fun - usually Chad's doing the hard stuff while I do the painting, but this time he did the rolling while I did all of the cutting in. It's so much more enjoyable to do it when you're with someone! The color is really pretty, soft bluish color. I just love the way the white trim looks against the walls!

So far, for this room, we:
1. Painted the ceilings
2. Filled and patched all nail holes
3. Painted walls Valspar "Rain Puddle" in Flat Olympic non-VOC paint from Lowe's
4. Caulked baseboards

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Anonymous said...

V. here....The rain puddle walls look so good. You guys love to fix things up and make the world a better place!! I love the white window trim too.

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