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Catching up here:

Last weekend, we had a big reunion at work for any of our former students that wanted a chance to come back and visit the field. I was so surprised at the response! I had thought that maybe we'd get fifteen. In all, we had fifty-one former students and some parents that registered for the reunion. It was planned for April - which just happens to be one of the most unpredictable months out in the field! Somewhere early in the planning process, I was put in charge...

We took everyone to the field on Thursday evening and the weather seemed to be okay. Windy, but not too cold. The next morning, we woke up to about 8 inches of snow! We re-grouped, switched up a few of our classes, put on the coffee instead of the lemonade, and just went for it. I was amazed at the attitudes of the folks that came out. While I was so worried about weather ruining our weekend, it actually brought everyone closer together, and created a close knit group of all sixty people out there! The weekend was a great reminder of why we do what we do - and a realization of how important our program is to the students that go through it.

It took a lot of planning and a lot of extra work to get everything planned, but the response made the sleepless nights worth it - I feel lucky to have the job that I do, but when I see the students like this, five years later, it feels like we go through what we do for a reason.

pic1: former students leave their mark
pic2: the whole group
pic3: 3 of our former students
pic4: Friday morning


Lindsey said...

Wow! Good for you. What a neat experience to see the former students years later and see how they're doing! Good work!

Anonymous said...

V. here.. Reunions are so great...thank heaven for those who do all the leg work. You always leave a reunion thinking that "we should have done this sooner." AND of course those who do a great job are always asked to do it again.

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