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Turns out it was true. Dude's prize was 30 seconds in a cash machine...the kind where the cash blows around you and you have to grab it out of the air. We went over on Tuesday after work for Chad to make the most money he's ever made in 30 seconds! They gave him two - fifteen second chances. (...a little bit of a scam because you lose four seconds each time they start the machine before the money starts flowing.) The rules say you have to keep your hands at your waist and then push cash through that little slot into a box to claim the cash.
Final result = $165
Experience in a cash machine = Priceless!


Heather said...


The Ringer Family said...

how very cool - so what did you spend it on??

blackstarmonkey said...

are you guys radio stars now?

Anonymous said...

V. here. C. is the only real live person I know who has done this. Yes, very good for 30 seconds.

liso. said...

Pretty much radio stars. Yep, definitely.

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