::new home:: day one - saturday

So you know that on Saturday morning, we pretty much RAN over to the house to see what we could start working on. We've tried to be semi-methodical about thinking this house out, so that we can actually finish a room completement before starting projects everywhere else. We learned this in our current house by sleeping night after night in a bed coated in drywall dust with peeled caulk stuck to our faces. Mistake not to be repeated.

So anyway. When we had our inspection, I made a list of "big expense items" that we needed to be prepared for if we purchased this home. Of course, we talked about them, Chad told me what he thought the cost would be, I mentally upped it by 300% and 27 man hours, and we made our decision. Well, one of these "little projects" was the flooring in the front bedroom. This house was built in 1935 and has some old floors. And in this bedroom, they're sinking. There were probably gaps of about an inch around two walls in the room. The Inspector looked, said not too big a deal, probably just settling, just raise it up. {{If you're me, you're thinking, "uh, just RAISE the floors? yeah, right! i'm not here to BUILD a house, just, you know, make it a little better." Anyway, he and Chad start talking about cinder blocks and jacking up the floors and crawling through the crawlspace, and cutting holes in floors, etc.

So Saturday morning, Chad jumps in the crawl space. And crawls. From the rear of the house to the front of the house. He crawled so far I could barely see his little headlamp shining. And he came to the conclusion that he couldn't make it. There just wasn't enough room to get in there and be able to work. I'm thinking, "I knew it - I knew this wouldn't be so easy. I knew I was right to mentally prepare myself for hundreds and hundreds of dollars to call in a contractor." Not so fast, Missy. Chad asks if I'm okay cutting into the floors. (Which are painted green, by the way.) Sure, why not?

So we ran back to our current house, grab some tools, run to the Lowe's, spend 45 bucks, and head back. And Chad cuts a hole in the floor. And crawls in, and finds... termite damage.

And my world comes crashing down around me. Chad tells me it's not bad, but I'm imagining that we now have to remove ALL of the flooring, floor boards, and floor joists. And the $$$ are racking up. I beg Chad to call our Inspector and see if there's any chance he'll come look at it and tell us how bad it is, and what we need to do because I don't want to just cover it up if we'll be falling through the floors in 6 months. And DJ, our home inspector, says he'll come over that afternoon. (I LOVE our home inspector). So Chad keeps working. He gets back in that crawl space and uses a car jack to lift the floor joists. Then he slides the big deck cinder blocks in with a 4x4 and removes the jack. He does this four times. And lo and behold, our floor is lifted, for less than $45. So that is amazing.

And then DJ comes by. And he probes around and teaches us a little about termites. He tells me to calm down and that we don't have to replace our entire house. He tells us what to do, and how to check for them, and how to get rid of them, and how often to test. He tells me to calm down again, and tells me how cute our house is, and then he leaves.

And I feel sooooo much better. We're still having a termite guy come out on Friday morning, but having DJ check things out really, really put my mind at ease. (Note: It's not that I don't trust Chad - I've learned enough times that when it comes to house stuff, I should trust him. But admittedly, he's doesn't really know a lot about termites. When I asked him what he was basing his opinions on, he said, "Nothing?").

So. We still have a hole in the floor so the termite guy has easy access.
We now have a floor that is where it should be in comparison the baseboards.
We have a termite guy coming on Friday.
And I feel good again.

And every time we go over there, we fall just a little bit more in love with that house!

ps. Are you wondering what I did all day besides chew my nails and pull out my hair? Well, I narrowed down paint swatches, cleaned walls and ceilings, pulled out about a hundred nails, patched nail holes, and cleaned up behind Chad. I didn't have my most productive day. But in my defense, Chad asked me to stay in the room so I could watch the floor raising and lowering. And raising and lowering. And raising and lowering.

ALSO. (Longest post ever). We had visitors to our new house! Kim ran over, Jordan and Amanda stopped by, our new neighbors that we already know, the Jones' came by, and new neighbors that we didn't know, Pam & Husband came by. It's so friendly and neighborhoody over there. I just love it!


::home:: a new one?

So we've been a little pre-occupied lately.
Remember here when I mentioned we were working on a secret project?
Well, it's finally out in the open.
We bought a new house!
That weekend (oh so long ago!) was when we first spotted the house,
and asked our real estate agent to help us make it ours!!!
This morning, we went over to the title company and Chad signed the paperwork.

then we waited to hear if we would be able to take possession today
and get the keys. Around 4 o' clock we got word that the keys would be in our hot little
hands around 6 o' clock.

Once we got the key, we went over to the new house to go in and remember
what it actually looks like, how big it actually is, and where the closets actually are.
(Things we've been debating - it's hard to remember those details!)
We put the key in the lock and ... wah wah. No worky.
On any of the three exterior doors.
I spent my waiting time walking around the house and taking some pics...
so for your sneak peaking pleasure,
our new house:

ps. our realtor did straighten out the sitch and get us a key for the house,
so we probably spent about two and a half hours just walking around and
talking about all of the things we're going to do because you better believe we're
gonna fix 'er up!
pps. i'm pretty sure our blog just turned into a home improvement blog. just fair warning.


::work:: reunion

Catching up here:

Last weekend, we had a big reunion at work for any of our former students that wanted a chance to come back and visit the field. I was so surprised at the response! I had thought that maybe we'd get fifteen. In all, we had fifty-one former students and some parents that registered for the reunion. It was planned for April - which just happens to be one of the most unpredictable months out in the field! Somewhere early in the planning process, I was put in charge...

We took everyone to the field on Thursday evening and the weather seemed to be okay. Windy, but not too cold. The next morning, we woke up to about 8 inches of snow! We re-grouped, switched up a few of our classes, put on the coffee instead of the lemonade, and just went for it. I was amazed at the attitudes of the folks that came out. While I was so worried about weather ruining our weekend, it actually brought everyone closer together, and created a close knit group of all sixty people out there! The weekend was a great reminder of why we do what we do - and a realization of how important our program is to the students that go through it.

It took a lot of planning and a lot of extra work to get everything planned, but the response made the sleepless nights worth it - I feel lucky to have the job that I do, but when I see the students like this, five years later, it feels like we go through what we do for a reason.

pic1: former students leave their mark
pic2: the whole group
pic3: 3 of our former students
pic4: Friday morning


::home:: the result

Turns out it was true. Dude's prize was 30 seconds in a cash machine...the kind where the cash blows around you and you have to grab it out of the air. We went over on Tuesday after work for Chad to make the most money he's ever made in 30 seconds! They gave him two - fifteen second chances. (...a little bit of a scam because you lose four seconds each time they start the machine before the money starts flowing.) The rules say you have to keep your hands at your waist and then push cash through that little slot into a box to claim the cash.
Final result = $165
Experience in a cash machine = Priceless!



well, Dude made one of these bracket things.
you know, where you pick teams and then you get points or whatever?
just so happens that his bracket has the most winners!
just so happens first place is 30 seconds in a cash machine.
now THAT's pretty sweet.
any tips out there?

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