::challenge:: january

So... January's challenge with Jill was the BEST.
It started off as an attempt to clean out the closet.
Good idea, everyone needs to do that.
But... we took it a step further. The goal:
Wear all items of clothing during the month of January (excluding summer items).
Neither of us quite got through our clothing, but that's okay.
When you force yourself to wear the clothing that isn't your favorite, you really
realize your true feelings. I kept a dedicated laundry basket in our room, and some days I
would get home from work, immediately take off my clothing, and throw it straight
into the donate basket. Wearing it just that one more time helped me realize exactly WHY I don't wear it, and that it's about time to just get rid of it.
I probably whittled out one third of my wardrobe.
Which would make me sad, except that I realized I don't like a single thing I got rid of.
I know. Because I wore it.


Anonymous said...

V.here... So good! I just waste tooo much closet space on things that are old old old and I MAKE myself wear them just because I have them... Excellent idea to just thrown in the donate pile the minute you take it off.
I have made a couple of trips to goodwill this month. They must be bulging with all our donations!!

my rebel took over said...

What a great idea! I might have to try it.

blackstarmonkey said...

i've had some insights. we need to talk. but yes. one of best challenges EVER

Emily said...

I love that challenge idea! I think I will have to try that.

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