::wandering:: winter in the southwest

After Christmas with Chad's family, we headed home, worked for three days, then packed up the puppies again
and headed out to New Mexico to visit with my family. Of course, we picked the worst possible travel day
(repeat of 2009) and it turned the normally-ten-hour-drive into a miserable everyone-is-on-their-last-nerve-
by-the-time-we-drove-fourteen-hours-and-arrived-at-three-am-drive. However. I would like to state for the record
that I managed to stay awake the entire drive - I did not help drive, but I'm doing
much better at staying awake in the car.
Everytime we head to NM, I'm struck by how picturesque things are. They've really got some things going for it:

Luckily, on the way home, the weather was clear and the puppies were pooped, so we flew.
And on the return trip? Not only did I stay awake (except a little nap) but I actually DROVE for four hours!
I'll show you, Provigil!
Photos from the top:
1. umm, does it get any MORE picturesque? santa fe... (photo by my Dad)
2. oh, just albuquerque
3. the Christmas tree
4. desert, desert, desert
5. the decor at Sadie's where we ate some seriously HOT salsa
6. view of the Sandias from Mom and Dad's front room
7. a future tumbleweed (Arizona vegetation) in Holbrook
8. snow covered red rocks of Kanab
9. a southwest Christmas - Mom and Dad are so at home here!

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Anonymous said...

V. here...I always think it is so funny to see all the snow in the desert! Still can't get used to it. Thanks for sharing these memories of Christmas

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