::wandering:: a mendon christmas

We spent a lovely holiday up north with Chad's family. This month has been a whirlwind, so it was exactly
what we needed - time to relax, spend some time with family, eat good food, and enjoy our time away from work.

photos from l-r:
1. Christmas in the Snow? Yes, please! 2. The kids watching a Christmas Eve movie (yes, Chad includes himself in that!) 3. A little Mele Kalikimaka brought home from the islands 4. Baking cookies (ps... look at the baby stroller in the background - Barb's floor is so clean it's reflecting!) and 5. Ready to deliver them 6. Rural Utah 7. Christmas decorations with family photos reflected in the background 8. Mendham Mountains 9. tiny trees 10. Skyping with ABQ family


Barbara Balagna said...


Thanks for the great pictures of Christmas...it was almost like you were all here again. Love it!


Anonymous said...

V. here...love the little and big kiddies lying on the floor watching a Christmas movie. love the littlest models with lava lavas OVER their PJs. ...such COLD snow!!perfect for Christmas.

liso. said...

Hi, Moms! Good to have you both on here!!!

Barb - we had such a fun time. I thought Hardware Ranch on Christmas Eve was perfect!

Mom - you should have seen them sporting their lava lavas. It was hilarious! Especially as they slowly started creeping down their hips...!

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