::wandering:: abq with our family

Of course, the best part about ABQ was being home with family. Jill came from Seattle, Spencer and his family came in from Nigeria, AND Gramma came in from Oklahoma! Lots of folks were feeling a little under the weather, whether from nose surgeries, or colds, so we stayed pretty close to home most of the time, watching old home movies, sorting through family pictures, and computing together (I think at one point we had five laptops out on the kitchen table!?!)
Spencer's family got some four wheelers for Christmas, so we went out a few times to ride (and run the puppies!) - NM is the perfect place for off road vehicles - we went out just behind their house a couple of times, and out west of town once. It was fairly uneventful: one broken thumb, one missing child (but found!), and one messed up bumper - oh, and Mom even drove!
Thanks to everyone for such a fun time. I can't wait until the next time we can all get together!
All photos out in the desert while folks were four wheeling, except pic 2: me and gramma in front of Spencer and Amber's Christmas tree and pic 3: a family picture, after la iglesia


Anonymous said...

v. here....such a cute photo of you and C and the dogs.

the gramma said...

This gramma is so honored!! Imagine being in three of the six pictures you selected to post. Luv U Liso.

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