I'm still carrying the bag I took to Hawaii. One day I was looking for something and saw that
my bag (purse, if you will?) had somehow morphed itself into a Mary Poppins Bag.
See the evidence for yourself:

Not impressed? Look closer.
When I started pulling things out, I wasn't surprised so much by the items in my bag. I was more surprised at the number of duplicate items.
So... in the spirit of record keeping, from the top:
beanie, hat, neckwarmer, ipod, ipod cable, camera charger, broken babushka USB drive, camera with tripod, extra tripod,
cell phone, cell phone charger, sunglasses, sunglasses, makeup bag, bandana, circle scarf, yellow scarf, buff, buff,
stack of paid and unpaid bills, checkbook, datebook, reading book, red moleskine, address book, thin moleskine,
national park journal, bag with four or five pair of earrings, bracelet made by my niece Kimberly, tweezers,
aleve (don't leave home without it), lip balm, eyelgass case, eyeglasses, and cleaning towel, the bag ITSELF,
my money budget folder, actual wallet, rubberband wallet, bag of change (needs to be deposited), one pen,
one sharpie, Altoids, ice scraper, and developed film from Hawaii
How many items can I wear around my neck at once? My head? (Actually, a lot. It's cold in the field.) Two tripods? Two sunglasses? But today is the day I change bags, and I'm certain that will change much of this.
Confession: This post is actually just a big brag. I'm kind of pleased with how much stuff I carry around.

ps. can i recommend a new-to-me station on Pandora? "Hardly Strictly Bluegrass"
pps. just finished reading "Confession of Fitzwilliam Darcy" - 2 thumbs up!


my rebel took over said...

I can't believe all that stuff fit in that little bag! Impressive. After a diaper bag, it is my personal mission to carry around as little as humanly possible (with everything I might need in my car, of course).

I'll have to get that book. Did you read Darcy's Story? I really liked it, although there was a part in the middle that I thought was completely opposite to Darcy's character, and it almost killed it, but it was a great counterpoint style story to the original - from his point of view.

Anonymous said...

V. here...yes, with all those duplicate items you could actually outfit two different purses. Where is your trash? or did you sneakily dispose of it first? or are you just as organized as you seem... you must be organized. I would NEVER be able to find only one pen in a purse your size. It needs 10 pens in it. Oh, I really enjoyed Confessions of Darcy, too.

liso. said...

Mom, I actually do pretty good not putting trash in my bag. But I did throw away a tissue... and I was SHOCKED at how few pens there were - I would have thought six or seven for sure!

Amy - that sounds like the same kind of story. But, yes, I totally loved it! Definitely pick it up... I got so into it that now I'm reading P&P - I wanted to see how much of it was straight from the book...

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