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we're finally home - for a while. we told ourselves that january would be spent at home. we'll see.
jill and i worked on 30 day challenges while we were together. i'm excited 'bout january! you'll see.
we got home late last night, but the puppies did soooo good.
my house needs a major, major, major cleaning.
AND i still need to take down the christmas tree.
my socks have a hole in them. i hate that. what a waste of otherwise perfectly good socks. just a little hole.
maybe i should try to darn my socks.
i was in the field today - but looked forward all day to our movie date.
we're watched salt on the couch. with blankets. hot chocolate. and cafe rio. a snuggle movie date.
before our movie date, i rearranged our bookshelves.
a few months back, i arranged them all by color. bad, bad idea. that's what design blogs will do to you.
i've been looking for a book for six months.
as i was rearranging, i finally found it.
what a joke.
that's all.


Dave and Lindsey said...

Cafe Rio sounds SO good. Hope you enjoy Salt, I did!

Anonymous said...

V. here... Was it the NM travel book you found? or is it still awol?

liso. said...

Mom, IT WAS! Sitting right there on my bookshelf. Oh, brother. I've been wishing I had that book for MONTHS!

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