Hardware Ranch, Logan, UT, Christmas Eve ~ apparently world famous!

i was trying to think of some cute caption to post with this picture,
along the lines of "Twelve Days of Christmas," but the furthest I got was:
"Thirteen B******s {surname} gathering,
something-something-something, 2 pregnant ladies,
and a some-thing hmmm hmm hmm hmm hmmmm"
oh, well. it's enough to say that hopefully i'm back from my blogging hiatus.
things have been crazy since, well, my birthday. we had visitors for
thanksgiving {{first ever!}}, took a December vacay {{we'll never do again!}},
tried to keep up with three feet of snow in the field {{and the extracting of vehicles that comes with it}},
and attempted to catch up and get ahead with work, all in the midst of christmas preparations.
we spent christmas in logan, which was appropriately snowy and filled with Christmas activity,
and soon we head to ABQ for the new year.
and maybe soon, if we're all lucky, there will pictures to prove it!
hope you're all enjoying your holidays in whatever way you choose!
loves, from us.
ps. the above-attempted-song lyrics were not a cryptic way to announce a pregnancy.
two sisters-in-law. i just know there will be questions.


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