::wandering:: my birthday surprise

i had the BEST birthday weekend.
Husband surprised me completely, and he is normally no good at surprises.

we stayed at the Golden Nugget in Old Las Vegas
{{such a better option than the Strip - i absolutely loved staying up here - so much quieter, calmer,
and more of an "experience" than the Strip. i loved being around Vintage Vegas! as a side note, when we were wandering
around here, i mentioned how fun it would be to stay at the Golden Nugget. Chad had forgotten all about it, but must
have somehow internalized it. Wish granted!}}

Chad scheduled a scooter drop off at our hotel for our 24 hour transportation needs.
{{this was sooo fun and such a great touch! it was a little bit cold driving around, but our speeds stayed pretty low,
and there's so much stop-and-go on the strip anyway, that it was a blast! chad drove all night, but the next day,
he took me to the roof of the parking garage and i drove around. his instructions: "don't drive off the roof!"}}

Our entertainment Saturday night was the Lion King.
{{amazing! i've wanted to see this show for years - it was better than i'd even imagined.
costumes and scenery were mind-blowing. and Chad enjoyed the show, too, which made it even better.
delicious dinner beforehand, with a mariachi band no less!}}

We found the best shrimp cocktails in vegas.
{{no, but seriously, we did. surprisingly, we had our vegas guidebook in the car and flipped through to
find a few things - we actually walked by this sign the night before, and then when i read it in the book, it said they were .99!
when we went for lunch, the price had actually been raised to 1.99, but who's complaining??? we will go back.}}
the weekend also included a walk around freemont street,
sleeping in and watching heartbreak kid on tv,
breakfast crepes at the paris hotel,
shopping at the outlet malls,
and my scoooter lessons.
i think i'm beginning to love vegas!!!
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wilybrunette said...

i LOVVVEEE shrimp cocktail...if ever i find myself in vegas...! you guys are adorable.

Dave and Lindsey said...

Wow, what a great weekend, minus the shrimp cocktail. Will you have Chad call Dave to give him some pointers on surprises?

Anonymous said...

V.here... Great Bday. Now I want to see lion King too. This scooter sounds loads of fun and soooo good for a Bday surprise. You would never have guessed!! yes, I'm a shrimp coctail lover also.

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