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So did I mention that Mom spent a lot of time preparing for this?
She started working on dresses for us to wear, would send them to us and ask for comments on the fit,
and then get started on something else. I thought she was working toward one final dress, but when we arrived
in Seattle, we each had three dresses to wear!!!
She also made capes for each of us, a bonnet for each of us, and a little purse to carry on our wrist while we danced.
When we got to Portland, I turned to Mom and asked, "Will there be other people dressed up?"
Her answer: "I don't know. I hope so."
Rest assured - there were plenty of people dressed up - and everyone was so friendly! We got tons of compliments
on all of Mom's dresses and folks were so pleased to see we came as mother and daughters - for some reason a lot of folks
got a kick out of that. Anyway, most of our pics at the conference in our dresses didn't turn out great because of lighting,
but here's some that we took our last day to showcase some of the things that didn't get worn.
I know Chad's been spreading the word, so enjoy!

Love you, MOM! You are the greatest!


Anonymous said...

V. here...Such good sports to wear dresses that you had no say in...Pink was the most unpopular dress...(Sorry, pink seemed popular 40 yrs ago!!) Also, I thought the "Little Mermaid" dress would be a "winner", but... Too bad we didn't have time to get more "flowers" (as was soooo popular in the 1790's ) on our bonnets!! BUT the beautiful leaves more than made up for it. So glad we took the time to get these pictures.

the gramma said...

Such beautiful pictures - so glad I was not there ---- I'll bet my pic would have turned out terrible. You are three beautiful--lovely--gorgeous Jane Austin supporters. This is one proud gramma!!!!

the gramma said...

Just finished placing the group pic on my desktop!!

my rebel took over said...

I am SO jealous! I didn't even know such a conference existed! You all look great in your dresses!

liso. said...

Mom, no way!!! I thought Jill looked fantastic in the pink - when you look good, you look good! The mermaid dress, though... I'll just say I liked the pink better.

Gramma, you would not have ruined any! You would have fit in just right with us! (as much as we fit in anyway!)

Amy - oh yeah... this totally exists.... those trekkies have nothing on the janites!!!!

blackstarmonkey said...

mom finally got me in pink
and it's all over the world wide web
she's the ONLY one worth doin that for
love you guys, miss you!

blackstarmonkey said...

and I thought the little mermaid dress WAS a winner, PS! all those ladies raved about it. I got asked at least ten times what kind of fabric it was and where we got it ;)

Amber said...

Wow! Mom you're amazing! They turned out well!

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