::pdx:: local highlights

We didn't spend ALL of our time at the conference (only most of it),
so we did get a chance to walk around Portland during some of our breaks.
Portland = very pedestrian friendly.
Portland = not car friendly.

from l-r:
Voodoo Doughnut, inside and out, where we, of course ordered The Voodoo Doughnut,
ordering from the food trucks for our late night dinner,
in the Portland rain (the 2 of us from the southwest were loving it. ok, maybe just me),
Pizza Schmizza for a delicious slice on our first day in town, the show that never was,
(we were THIS close to seeing Sufjan - WITH MOM!, only one example of why she's the best),
Violetta, so good we ate there for two lunches in a row (and it was really close),
in front of one of the Portland bridges, Portland landmark sign,
Mom navigating on the public transportation (one more example - many more to come)

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Anonymous said...

V. here...you are excellent at finding city landmark designs out of neon. love the sisters in front of the bridge.

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