::pdx:: the jane austen conference

Okay, so we went to Portland for a little conference, as a mother/daughter trio...
the one I mentioned a while back.
And it was so much more fun than I could have imagined.
I never laugh so much as when I'm with these two.
And there was so much to laugh about.
Some pictures at the conference:

photos from l-r:
first day, after registration and dance classes!, reception at the Portland Art Museum
dancing at the ball, a little clip about our conference (largest literary conference in PDX history!),
more ball, before listening to our first speaker,
one of the many quotes thrown around, listening to Angela Barlow's readings
I've heard more about gothic architecture and influence,
muslin and Milsom Street,
dowries and dresses,
than I ever thought I would.


Anonymous said...

I shouted with excitement when I saw you posting. I feel like I was almost there ... almost. Great blog! -- WC

Anonymous said...

V. here... you took great pictures. Who knew Portland and Jane could be so fun.

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