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We just love it when these guys come to visit!
This was the second year in the beginning of a race tradition with Chad and Fred.
(see pics from last year here and here)
They beat their times from last year by 5+ minutes - and plan to do it again by five for next year.
Instead of waiting for them in Grafton for the length of the race, this year Camie signed up to
walk the 5k event with Colton (and two in the stroller), and since I don't run, I went with them.
We finished in just under an hour, I think. Not too shabby for some little legs that were involved!
Not sure why, but race day was the only day I took my camera out!?!
Can't wait to see you guys again soon!

1. At the 5k start: Camie and the 3 boys 2. One mile into our walk (photo by Col!)
3. Ryan crossing the finish 4. Chad crossing the finish (look hard, the big dude with the
camera is blocking almost all of him).

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Anonymous said...

V. here...looks like a beautiful day... Way to make good use of your time...walking the 5k Nice finish.

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