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it's getting colder, but we still sleep with the window open.
...and our summer quilt, a wool blanket, and our down duvet. i love it!
and we keep our front door open until we go to bed.
for at least two months out of the year, we get use out of our many blankets!
for some reason, i'm not jumping the gun on christmas this year.
maybe it has to do with the fact that we're hosting our first-ever holiday at our house with my 'rents?
and it still feels like fall so far - usually thanksgiving gets crowded out by dreary grey weather.
nyabo hurt her little foot, and is on pain meds.
she's not allowed to go out to the field on monday as part of her recovery.
so, so, so sad.
been spending a lot of time working on quilts.
and we've been eating out a lot.
chad's wrapping up final papers and getting ready for the end of the semester.
skyping has been introduced to our house.
chad made eight pyrex christmas gifts for a girl at work. need anything?
burning the sweet cinnamon pumpking candles from Bath and Body until Thanksgiving comes.
chad is on the phone with India about his computer.
he said it's a good thing he watches Outsourced...
that's what's going on in our house.

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Anonymous said...

V.here..i like your house. Sounds like lots of work going on. I try to get going on Christmas early, if not it always sneaks up on me. One year we put the tree up and decorated it as we were leaving for the airport to pick up J. for Christmas holidays. (way too late) One year I put up the tree Oct 30th. That was the best!!Lots of time to enjoy Christmas. Poor Nyboo

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