1. Jubilee of Trees... getting us in the mood! 2. Nope - not eggs! A birthday present from Jill - homemade soap. 3. Birthday messages from around the country
4. Autumntime in the george. 5. Breakfast at 25 Main - our first breakfast visit, and it was delicious...
6. At a quilt shop in town - gonna make this easy little number. 7. More Autumntime. 8. Peanuts before dinner at Texas Roadhouse
(a birthday gift card from work) 9. Veterans Day in Smalltown, Utah 10. Birthday boots (thank you, Jamie!)
11. Birthday hat from Jill (best hat ever...) 12. The first snow in the field of the year... ugh, so dreading winter.


the gramma said...

I want, soap, boots, hat and breakfast too. A sweet person gets lots of goodies on their birthdays.
Much love!!

Anonymous said...

Are these pics with a camera phone, or an old polariod? Nice compositions. --W

blackstarmonkey said...


Anonymous said...

V. here...delicious looking breakfast. wish I could taste it. love the little eggs in a star.

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