1. Jubilee of Trees... getting us in the mood! 2. Nope - not eggs! A birthday present from Jill - homemade soap. 3. Birthday messages from around the country
4. Autumntime in the george. 5. Breakfast at 25 Main - our first breakfast visit, and it was delicious...
6. At a quilt shop in town - gonna make this easy little number. 7. More Autumntime. 8. Peanuts before dinner at Texas Roadhouse
(a birthday gift card from work) 9. Veterans Day in Smalltown, Utah 10. Birthday boots (thank you, Jamie!)
11. Birthday hat from Jill (best hat ever...) 12. The first snow in the field of the year... ugh, so dreading winter.


::home:: & around the house

it's getting colder, but we still sleep with the window open.
...and our summer quilt, a wool blanket, and our down duvet. i love it!
and we keep our front door open until we go to bed.
for at least two months out of the year, we get use out of our many blankets!
for some reason, i'm not jumping the gun on christmas this year.
maybe it has to do with the fact that we're hosting our first-ever holiday at our house with my 'rents?
and it still feels like fall so far - usually thanksgiving gets crowded out by dreary grey weather.
nyabo hurt her little foot, and is on pain meds.
she's not allowed to go out to the field on monday as part of her recovery.
so, so, so sad.
been spending a lot of time working on quilts.
and we've been eating out a lot.
chad's wrapping up final papers and getting ready for the end of the semester.
skyping has been introduced to our house.
chad made eight pyrex christmas gifts for a girl at work. need anything?
burning the sweet cinnamon pumpking candles from Bath and Body until Thanksgiving comes.
chad is on the phone with India about his computer.
he said it's a good thing he watches Outsourced...
that's what's going on in our house.


::wandering:: my birthday surprise

i had the BEST birthday weekend.
Husband surprised me completely, and he is normally no good at surprises.

we stayed at the Golden Nugget in Old Las Vegas
{{such a better option than the Strip - i absolutely loved staying up here - so much quieter, calmer,
and more of an "experience" than the Strip. i loved being around Vintage Vegas! as a side note, when we were wandering
around here, i mentioned how fun it would be to stay at the Golden Nugget. Chad had forgotten all about it, but must
have somehow internalized it. Wish granted!}}

Chad scheduled a scooter drop off at our hotel for our 24 hour transportation needs.
{{this was sooo fun and such a great touch! it was a little bit cold driving around, but our speeds stayed pretty low,
and there's so much stop-and-go on the strip anyway, that it was a blast! chad drove all night, but the next day,
he took me to the roof of the parking garage and i drove around. his instructions: "don't drive off the roof!"}}

Our entertainment Saturday night was the Lion King.
{{amazing! i've wanted to see this show for years - it was better than i'd even imagined.
costumes and scenery were mind-blowing. and Chad enjoyed the show, too, which made it even better.
delicious dinner beforehand, with a mariachi band no less!}}

We found the best shrimp cocktails in vegas.
{{no, but seriously, we did. surprisingly, we had our vegas guidebook in the car and flipped through to
find a few things - we actually walked by this sign the night before, and then when i read it in the book, it said they were .99!
when we went for lunch, the price had actually been raised to 1.99, but who's complaining??? we will go back.}}
the weekend also included a walk around freemont street,
sleeping in and watching heartbreak kid on tv,
breakfast crepes at the paris hotel,
shopping at the outlet malls,
and my scoooter lessons.
i think i'm beginning to love vegas!!!
see my 31st here and here, and my 30th here and here and here


::home:: butch cassidy run

We just love it when these guys come to visit!
This was the second year in the beginning of a race tradition with Chad and Fred.
(see pics from last year here and here)
They beat their times from last year by 5+ minutes - and plan to do it again by five for next year.
Instead of waiting for them in Grafton for the length of the race, this year Camie signed up to
walk the 5k event with Colton (and two in the stroller), and since I don't run, I went with them.
We finished in just under an hour, I think. Not too shabby for some little legs that were involved!
Not sure why, but race day was the only day I took my camera out!?!
Can't wait to see you guys again soon!

1. At the 5k start: Camie and the 3 boys 2. One mile into our walk (photo by Col!)
3. Ryan crossing the finish 4. Chad crossing the finish (look hard, the big dude with the
camera is blocking almost all of him).

::wandering:: vegas at the speed of...

Just back from my surprise weekend in Vegas.
Husband did so good.
I had so much fun.
More later.
ps. This is a picture as we're roaring down the road
at high speeds of 35 mph.


::home:: better late than never?

We did get to carve pumpkins the night before I left for Portland.
Again, that dude pulled out the Dremel and left me in his dust.
Next year? I got dibs on the Dremel.


::pdx:: our dresses

So did I mention that Mom spent a lot of time preparing for this?
She started working on dresses for us to wear, would send them to us and ask for comments on the fit,
and then get started on something else. I thought she was working toward one final dress, but when we arrived
in Seattle, we each had three dresses to wear!!!
She also made capes for each of us, a bonnet for each of us, and a little purse to carry on our wrist while we danced.
When we got to Portland, I turned to Mom and asked, "Will there be other people dressed up?"
Her answer: "I don't know. I hope so."
Rest assured - there were plenty of people dressed up - and everyone was so friendly! We got tons of compliments
on all of Mom's dresses and folks were so pleased to see we came as mother and daughters - for some reason a lot of folks
got a kick out of that. Anyway, most of our pics at the conference in our dresses didn't turn out great because of lighting,
but here's some that we took our last day to showcase some of the things that didn't get worn.
I know Chad's been spreading the word, so enjoy!

Love you, MOM! You are the greatest!


::pdx:: ace hotel

Ace Hotel:: loved it.
non-traditional decor.
Triple Shared room
=one set of twin bunks and a separate twin bed.
a little hostel-ish
comfortable and clean
would definitely stay there again.


::pdx:: our itinerary

WARNING:: very long journalistic post ahead. please feel free to skip.

Wednesday night, late - Fly into Seattle Airport, where Jill picks me up. Mom doesn't come with her because, of course, she's at Jill's house, sewing. When we got there, she woke up to say hi, and stayed up late with us, laughing and joking, and watching how to apply make up like Marilyn Monroe on YouTube.

Thursday morning, late - Wake up, and somehow realize we have time to do nothing but hustle down to Portland. We were so late, in fact, that we missed the first dance class. (I was registered for nothing on Thursday, but went along for moral support.) As soon as we arrived in Portland, we grabbed a slice at Pizza Schmizza and headed to the Hilton to be on.time. for the second dance class. We grabbed our welcome packets, and Mom changed into her Austen outfit while Jill danced in street clothes. Jill encountered her creeper for the first time during this dance class. I was on the phone with work crisis for most of the afternoon.

At the close of the dance class, we headed north to check in at the Ace Hotel (a triple shared room, so we had bunk beds!) Mom said the room reminded her of the war, and later told me that she thought it was because they folded up the flat sheet and wool blanket and put it at the bottom of the bed, like an army barracks. Very hipster - the lobby was full of folks of all ages dressed in all black, wearing scarves and skinny jeans, and typing on their Macs. I'm probably just jealous. We got all unloaded, and parked the car, then headed out on foot, hoping to arrive back at the Hilton. (Navigation is tricky without mountains or bluffs). Once we realized we were sufficiently close to arrive within a reasonable amount of time, we stopped at Qdoba for dinner. (I wish we had one of those!) We skipped the cash bar (Mom's choice) and then attended our first lecture, Angela Barlow, "An Actor's View". Her performance was so much better than others at the conference because.... she was British. The accent really completes a Jane Austen reading...

Walk back to Ace in the rain (but it wasn't even cold!) and then up to our room. Mom worked on hemming and ironing Jane Austen dresses (quite the contrast to see her in her Austen dress against the wall plastered with music posters!) until later than I could keep my eyes open. A restful sleep under heavy signature-Ace wool Pendletons.

Friday - Wake (surprise!) late. Rush to the shared showers. Very clean and not at all scary. It was nice because we could all split up and shower more quickly! (a nice perk when you have three consistently late folks hanging out together.) (Sorry, Mom and Jill, but it's true.) Late to dance class three, which we were all registered for. Lucky for me, the dancing is almost as simple as walking, so I was able to pick it up without too much embarassment. With our help, Jill was able to avoid the Creeper throughout Dance Class Three. No time for a break! Dance Class Four. By now we've got this thing down. We're also starving. Jill and I head out to look for a jacket for Jill (success at the Columbia flagship store) and grab some lunch around the corner at Violetta. Mom is a diehard so she stayed for the Opening and Welcome and ate a handful of peanuts for lunch.

After lunch, the classes began. Plenary Session One we all attended together, avoiding Creeper. Jill and I attended Breakout A together, "A Historical Model for Northanger Abbey" while Mom went solo. We learned about about some ruins Bath that Jane may have used for inspiration? Breakout B was next, no break! Jill and I attended together again, this time learning the legalities of Jane's time - especially dealing with inheritance rights of women. Classes ended at 4:30 and it was time to rush over to the Portland Museum of Art to attend the Portland Rose Garland Dancers and Reception at 5. What a letdown - we watched the dancers... ate little teeny appetizers, and left to find some real food. (Again, Mom wanted to skip the cash bar?)

We'd convinced Mom to see Sufjan Stevens with us later that evening, but to our disapointment, the show was sold out. Instead, we headed back to the car to drive over to our hotel for the next two nights (Ace was booked for the weekend and Thursday was all we could get). We checked in at the Residence Inn (thanks, Ty, for the great deal!), then jumped on public transport to get back to the Hilton in time for the slide lecture "Mystery Meets Muslin". I honestly have no idea what we listened to. Once they start talking about Gothic anything, my eyes start to glaze over. I do rememeber that he mentioned the fashion in France during the guillotine period was to wear a red ribbon around the neck. Gruesome!

At 9:30 when the lecture was over, we were again starving so we headed out on foot to find some food. Most places were closed (on a Friday night!?!) so we ate at the food trucks on Third... the chicken quesadilla was delicious and made even more so by some amazing secret sauce, and the falafel wasn't bad either. A quick walk by Voodoo Doughnuts (the Voodoo is in the shape of a person with a pretzel stick stuck into the doughbut. And red jelly filling. Speaking of gruesome....) and we were spent. Jump on the MAX train and back to the hotel for another late night. More hemming and string clipping by Mom, YouTube watching by Jill until we went to sleep, snug as three bugs in a rug, in our King sized bed.

Saturday - I know you won't be surprised by this - up late! Luckily, Jill and Mom both thought the session began at 9:00 so when we grabbed our continental breakfast and showed up at 9:35, only five minutes late, we were pretty pleased. Plenary Two and Breakout C with some advice from the locals when visiting Bath. Afterward, we headed up to the Jane Austen shop and then out on the town, visiting Nordstrom Rack, eating at Violetta again, and then back for more classes.

Breakout D was all about Henry Tilney (the hero in Northanger Abbey) and Breakout E was about more clothing, shopping and muslin. We skipped out on the Business Meetings and did some more shopping at Nordstrom, Macy's, and then returning to the Rack to pick up a pair of boots for Jill, and a pair of boots for me. Rushed back to the Hilton to get ready for the ball! Not an inch of breathing room when we got back - had to fight out way back to the bathroom where our dresses were stashed. Ready in a hurry, and out to realize - we were late. Salads had already been served. (Is this humorous to anyone else? ...because I know at least my husband and my Dad are shaking their heads....) Dinner was delicious; and after dinner was the Grand Promenade which we participated in because we were, of course, dressed to the nines! After the Promenade, they cleared the tables and the dancing began!

Mom was a dancing fool, and, as Jill said, her dream of having two dancing daughters was finally fulfilled! We danced till the break of dawn ... err, 11:30, and I think Mom only sat out the first dance. We rushed back to the bathroom to change, and down the street to catch the Max before they shut down for the night. Back to the hotel, again up late, laughing and chatting and reliving our adventures.

Sunday - Up early since we needed to get pictures of three of us in our finest Austen dresses. Mom had made hats and capes but there was too much to cart to the hotel the night before, so we didn't get pictures with them. The fall leaves were out and made a beautiful backdrop to our photos. Ran for the train and arrived at the Hilton for the brunch and panel of speakers before the final Adjournment.

Spent the next few hours wandering around Portland - up to Ace Hotel to pick up Jill's phone where she'd left it on Friday, into Powell's Books where Mom picked up a huge hardbound copy of Jane Austen's collection, and then over to the Saturday Market, and to walk along the river. When we finished there, we headed back up to pick up the car, make a quick stop at the fabric store on the way to the airport, and then it was time to say good-bye. As Mom and Jill dropped me off, Mom looked in me in the eyes and said, "Blog about this really soon, okay?"

And then back to Las Vegas while Jill and Mom drove back up to Seattle. It really was the trip of the lifetime, and something I never would have done without Mom's excitement! I'm so glad we got to do this - memories that will last a lifetime! Love you guys! ... and Gramma, we sure missed you!

no pictures on this post - aren't you kind of pictured out of Portland?
just kidding - I know, thanks to dear husband, that folks are most interested in seeing pictures
of our dresses. maybe tomorrow.
and whoa! long-winded much? just skip it....


::pdx:: local highlights

We didn't spend ALL of our time at the conference (only most of it),
so we did get a chance to walk around Portland during some of our breaks.
Portland = very pedestrian friendly.
Portland = not car friendly.

from l-r:
Voodoo Doughnut, inside and out, where we, of course ordered The Voodoo Doughnut,
ordering from the food trucks for our late night dinner,
in the Portland rain (the 2 of us from the southwest were loving it. ok, maybe just me),
Pizza Schmizza for a delicious slice on our first day in town, the show that never was,
(we were THIS close to seeing Sufjan - WITH MOM!, only one example of why she's the best),
Violetta, so good we ate there for two lunches in a row (and it was really close),
in front of one of the Portland bridges, Portland landmark sign,
Mom navigating on the public transportation (one more example - many more to come)
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