::sunday:: a week in little pictures

some explanation:
apparently we were in the mood for burgers?
smash burger on the left, in n out on the right,
(see the in n out burger? no meat patty - called a grilled cheese. that's my order!)
some cuh-razy rain in the desert this week!
nyabo enjoying a little run in the wet fields, the view from work
cooler weather, and i'm back in the mood for projects!
on the left: bats hanging in the doorway; on the right: last weeks project cont'd
(it would have been finished friday if i hadn't made a huge spelling error!)


Anonymous said...

V.here... I tried clicking on Naybo to enlarge...it looks as if both her floppy ears are over her head!!(That's funny running!) It is wonderful to have rain in the desert. Your project looks so interesting. your hamburger pictures make me hungry. mmmm

Emily said...

Have I mentioned how much I love your blog? Cuz I do.

Also, Jake's daughter only gets grilled cheeses at In'n'out, too, so maybe it runs (somewhat recessively?) in the family :)

Dave and Lindsey said...

In-n-Out picture makes my mouth water, yum!

liso. said...

I don't know, but try clicking again on Nyabo - her ears are totally STRAIGHT UP! She's so cute!

Emily & D&L - um, yeah, so yummy! and really, the grilled cheese is good enough to satisfy EVEN a meat lover. mebbe.

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