::sunday:: more little pictures

it's been a quiet week - chad's been feeling a little under the weather,
so we tried to get to bed early every night and beat the cold.
pictures from this week:
watching amazing race (finally displaying chad's family bows above the TV!), walking the redcliff reserve,
overlooking the george at night, another weekend project!
the desert through rose colored glasses (my sunglasses!), local used bookstore (seen here, too),
waiting for a call on the radio, Veyo Pies (a MUST try in our neck of the woods).
hope everyone had a good week!


Anonymous said...

V.here...i love the arrows (I don't think they are bows?) above the TV and great black white fabric for a fabulous project. I didn't know Veyo had stores or restaurants in it!!I always learn so much from you. Beat the Cold Chad!!

liso. said...

ooh, yep, you're totally right. i definitely meant "arrows"!!!!

and, yes, Veyo can do a mean pie!!!

next time you're here...

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