::home:: our weekend

between the two of us:
paper writing, painting, stenciling, cutting, eat pray love (did you see it? what'd you think?),
closet cleaning & outfit decisions, major laundry, walk to the supermarket for a bagel run, pillow planning,
quilt blogging, studying, reading, studying, reading, farmers market, snow cones, quilt along pick up,
mirror hanging, cleaning, halloween bats, dog walks, jalapeno jelly, great amazing race, photo organizing,
and the highlight: our friends' beautiful outdoor springdale wedding

this wedding was gorgeous!
the bride is a potter and threw 140 bowls for each guest to eat their soup from
...and then take it home!
ps. recognize our little project from last week?
the bride and groom rode away on the stick horses at the end of the ceremony...

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Anonymous said...

v. here... this is terrific. you always get so much done in a weekend. I thought I saw little stick horses in the pictures last week. It seems it wouldn't enlarge when I clicked on the pic so I couldn't tell for sure. Soooooocute ...the bride &groom rode away on stick horses!!!

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