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In the george, we go from summer to winter pretty quickly - which is a shame since i love the autumn so much. While I was talking to sister earlier this month, we were talking about all of the things we had coming up, and how much we wanted to do during October. We began brainstorming a list of things that we should do during this season...it turns out that much can be done in October OR November and most of what I look forward to includes FOOD! So here's some ideas of things to do before the snow hits and it's freezing cold outside.
1. Important things first: bake up some yummy pumpkin treats including: pumpkin cakes and
cookies, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin roll, pumpkin cheesecakes, pumpkin alfredo and pumpkin
shakes. And apple crisp. And the warm comfort foods: namely, soups and chilis!
2. Decorate the house - change over to more neutral colors, earthy colors. Ideas include:
manzanita branches, candlesticks, wreaths, and pumpkins... and bats!
3. Carve jack o lanterns and eat caramel corn
4. Host a party - a soup party like this, or a "Pumpkins, Porridge, and Pies" party, or an
outdoor dinner party under the stars like hers.
5. Drive up in the mountains to see the leaves changing colors.
6. Go see our family in Boston - even though we missed this year :(
7. Pumpkin patch? Corn maze? Apple picking?
8. "Boo" your neighbors
9. Butch Cassidy Race in Springdale (not me, but it's becoming a tradition!)
10. Lunchtime soup date at Judd's
11. This year: Portland with Jill and Mom!
12. Change out the quilt on our bed for our down comforter
13. Get a list together of good books to keep cozy during the winter months.
14. Make those cutest little pies in a jar
15. Wear sweaters and wellies.
16. And the less fun: Go through closets and donate to DI.
17. And the most least fun: Spring cleaning. The fall version.
That's it for now, but I'd love to keep this list and add to it every year, so if you have any
other ideas, or anything that you try to do in the fall, please let me know!
*photo in Concord, Mass 2009

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Anonymous said...

V. here...wow! you do lots of fun things for fall. It always takes me the whole month to get use to the cold. I always just stay inside and start preparing for Christmas. Looking forward to Portland.

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