::wandering:: montana menu, must include huckleberry

We picked up a majority of our food that first night at Wal-Mart.
We planned on eating a few meals out, but didn't want to depend on restaurant food. We didn't have a cooler, though, so we were somewhat limited in what we bought. We ended up with:
breakfast: blueberry muffins and flavored hot chocolates
morning & afternoon snacking: oranges, bananas, granola bars
lunch: french bread, laughing cow cheese, salted cashews, chocolate milk (the first day)
dinner: mango jalapeno chicken sausage & southwest corn chowder with spiced apple cider
Overall, I think we were both pretty pleased. Meals and snacking were delicious.
And of course, we supplemented with plenty of local huckleberry delights.
We tried:
huckleberry pie
huckleberry soft serve
huckleberry jelly beans
huckleberry gummy bears
huckleberry glazed chicken breast
huckleberry ice cream
and a to-die-for-huckleberry-brownie
(and i don't even like brownies or chocolate that much)


Anonymous said...

V.here...what great vacation menus. This is an excellent ad for Montana and I don't think I have ever tasted a huckleberry, You make me realize how much I have missed!

Dave and Lindsey said...

That's one studly man eating his ice cream cone!

Anonymous said...

W here--
did you "age" this pic?

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