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I started a new picture series last year - I've lived in so many houses that I want to document each
one of them. Randomly, I found myself in front of my favorite house that I grew up in, in Alpine, Utah.
We all loved it - so much outside space to explore, and Gramma and Grandad right there.
It's had a major, major facelift and is absolutely beautiful now.
More than anything, I just wanted to show the fam how different it looks now!
The property, though, looks exactly the same!
Can anyone tell me what month and year we moved there?
Does anyone have a pic of me out in front of that house as a kid? Seems like I remember one...

Here's one more of the shed out front...


the gramma said...

Now that is awesome with a capital A and I wanna see it on my next trip. Many many wonderful memories there. Grandad and I were so lucky to be with you 4 when you were tiny tots and I'll check my pics to see if there is one of you - but alone? I doubt it.

Emily said...

That's a great idea to document all the homes! My Grandma Johnson has pictures of her parents in front of all their various homes and it's so fun to see the places where they actually lived their lives. It's also fun to see how the landscaping and decor match the decade specific clothes and hairstyles :)

Anonymous said...

V. here... I can't believe the change. This house was not my favorite... it was too large and everything seem disconnected from the room next to it. It was a childhood heaven though!

Condita said...

I teach at Alpine Elementary and so I've driven up there many times in the past 8 years and always think of you guys. The big house is attached to the little house Gramma and Grandad lived in, I think. I remember hiking behind it with your Dad all the older kids, there was only one house past it then, now there are many, mostly mansions!

blackstarmonkey said...

that was such a fun house!!! i don't remember it looking like a yellowstone lodge tho, that is awesome!!! stories i remember from alpine:
-the blackeyed pea tree that scared me in the front yard
-getting stuck in g and g's toilet bowl
-taking care of sharga and getting slush puppies at circle K every morning with grandad
-the burn hole in spencer's carpet
-those race cars that you point the gun at to power
-kliza goat
-Austin Pack
so many....
I want to get my pics in front of all these houses too!!!
when are we going to indiana?!!?

liso. said...

i'm pretty sure that burn hole was from when i tipped over my lamp when i was in that room (member the one with the little doll and the accordian lampshade?)

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