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It's been hot. This weekend it cooled down substantially... we got a little bit of rain...
and highs were around 102. Bliss. The upshot is that I've gotten quite a bit of work done
on this little ol' project. I'm still working on finishing the setting blocks.
Feedback? Too much yellow? The 'x' just looks too completely weird? There will be a strip of white sashing
between each star block and setting block, so that may help a little with the
weird 'x' block... also, layout? This is the layout as instructed, but I'm wondering if I wouldn't
like to shorten it one row and add two blocks on the top four rows (so instead of being a 5x5 block quilt,
it would end up being a 4x7 block quilt). It means I need to come up with one more star block...
I'm jut not too sure about square quilts. It kind of screams "unusable" to me... I'm just too tall for that sort of thing.


Anonymous said...

V. here. looks soooo good. It is funny to stay inside and make a quilt because it is too hot outside!! I love all the turq blocks. they look great!!If you are talking about the one large "x"block that you aren't sure about...I may help if you put more contrast between the orange "x" and the little squares at each corner or even make the little squares white. Just a thought . I love your quilt. This is a great job!!
The size of your quilt depends on how you want to use it. Sometimes a square quilt looks good on a kitchen table(on the diagonal). You can also put ut on the diagonal on top of a bed.

the gramma said...

Am so glad you love quilting === This is definitely going to stay in this gramma/mom/daughter generation thing. No doubt you really are hooked by now and I'm so happy this talent will continue. I will need to send you a post card of my latest quilt which I am sewing down the binding now. Keep on with the beautiful work!!!

Condita said...

Very nice! You've inspired me to get busy on my quilts. I love the colors, not too much yellow at all. I think you should center the x, perhaps that would help?

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