::home:: an old one.

I started a new picture series last year - I've lived in so many houses that I want to document each
one of them. Randomly, I found myself in front of my favorite house that I grew up in, in Alpine, Utah.
We all loved it - so much outside space to explore, and Gramma and Grandad right there.
It's had a major, major facelift and is absolutely beautiful now.
More than anything, I just wanted to show the fam how different it looks now!
The property, though, looks exactly the same!
Can anyone tell me what month and year we moved there?
Does anyone have a pic of me out in front of that house as a kid? Seems like I remember one...

Here's one more of the shed out front...


::home:: coming out of summer hibernation

fantastic weekend! in fact, i don't want it to end:
thursday night - swimming with my dude + snocones
friday - visit to dude's campus for the upcoming years! new student orientation including:
finding his classes, visiting the bookstore to find his books, and getting a student ID card!
lunch at Pastry Pub, a drive up to Cedar Breaks National Monument and Brian Head.
i'd never been to cedar breaks before, so it was a fun day trip.
again, we're kicking ourselves for not spending more summer weekends in the cedar mountains...
the weather was positively cool up at 11,000 feet! (and the sun might be a leetle bit stronger, too).
then, the drive home... and mentally preparing a desert driving playlist
friday night - the county fair, complete with funnel cake and fried doughnuts!
also watched a performance by The Duttons from Branson, MO.
no exaggeration - we were the only people there who didn't have, um, salt and/or pepper colored hair.
saturday - cleaned the house and then enjoyed a lazy day at home.
ran some errands including back-to-school shopping for dude.
home to say hello to the dogs and then to the theater to see Knight and Day
and i won a free movie pass! they did some trivia before the movie, and i just happened to know
that one of the names they tried out for the movie was Wichita!
sunday - out to the desert cliffs before the sun started beating down.
some exploring, wading at the creek, catching crawdads, and made a boat out of grass.
more laziness around the house
and then a rustic pasta dinner with lemon, zucchini, pasta, and garlic.
tonight, some sewing time, and then we'll say good-bye to the weekend.
hope yours was a good one!
ps. we don't really put up too much about our work, but if you want to see one family's story,
go here. start in about 13:30.
and i'm not sure who told them they'd be living with native americans. we don't do that.


::home:: more heat, more sewing

It's been hot. This weekend it cooled down substantially... we got a little bit of rain...
and highs were around 102. Bliss. The upshot is that I've gotten quite a bit of work done
on this little ol' project. I'm still working on finishing the setting blocks.
Feedback? Too much yellow? The 'x' just looks too completely weird? There will be a strip of white sashing
between each star block and setting block, so that may help a little with the
weird 'x' block... also, layout? This is the layout as instructed, but I'm wondering if I wouldn't
like to shorten it one row and add two blocks on the top four rows (so instead of being a 5x5 block quilt,
it would end up being a 4x7 block quilt). It means I need to come up with one more star block...
I'm jut not too sure about square quilts. It kind of screams "unusable" to me... I'm just too tall for that sort of thing.
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