::wandering:: to wendover???

back in march, i mentioned when i saw Vegas Vick that i kind of wanted to visit his cousin in
wendover. well, later that month while mom and dad and jill were visiting, we took an afternoon
trip out to the salt flats... once we realized how close we were to the border, we decided just to
keep going until we saw him!

so here he is!!! i can now check off two of the three nevada neon cowboys!
some quick facts:: he is one year younger than Vic, but stands 63 feet tall, enough to
get him into the Guinness Book of Records as the "World's Largest Mechanical Cowboy"

i know, i know, i'm a nerd.


Emily said...

Wait... who is the third? There's a pretty good one on the Hotel Nevada in Ely, but he might be a miner, I'm not sure. Either way... he's only 4 hours from you! If I still lived there, I'd even invite you to stay :)

blackstarmonkey said...

wrong. you are not a nerd, you are an uber-nerd.
i've used up all my inside days for the 30 day-er. holla.

liso. said...

emily - the third one is Laughlin Lou aka River Rick... and he's basically an exact copy of Vegas Vic. never mind that, though, I'll get him!

and jill,
i love that i suck! i love that i suck! how many inside days did you get? i don't even have a goal for july. i love that i suck! i love that i suck!

Anonymous said...

V. here... It has been too long now...Is this Wendover Will? I think. He is quite large. It is funny to mimic a sign. A. even has on her plaid looking western shirt. J. has a hoodie on no matter where she is. Yaaa Hoooo! I guess that is what a sign would say if he could talk.

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