::wandering:: 4th of july

so while Spencer and Amber and the kids were here, we headed up north to my family's
reunion... jill was already in the air, and took a layover in slc, so it turned into a reunion within a reunion!
we snuck away from payson lakes on saturday evening to take in the fireworks from stadium of fire.
they were all right, but i was pretty disappointed with the grand finale.
as soon as it was over, we took off running for the car, trying to beat the traffic.
just as we pulled out, the grand finale started. oh, brother.

afterward, we said goodnight and good-bye to amber and the kiddos...
they left sunday morning to head back to ABQ. it was so great to get to spend
some time with them... I miss them all a lot, and it's not very often that we see them.
(you know, the round the world flight gets in the way.)

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Anonymous said...

V. Its great to see the Stadium of Fire. Of course, my story is after we were married we went and the next morning my blouse had little burn holes in it!! I didn't know I was that close OR the wind was blowing!!

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