::home:: in july

July has hit with a vengeance. Every year I think that I've acclimated to the hot summers here
in the George. And then every July I remember that June is nowhere near as bad as July and August and that I have definitely. not. acclimated.
So we're holed up inside... and on a weekend like this, we venture outside only to take the puppies to the lake and to Harmons for the worlds best snow cones.
Inside, I'm working on a new quilt and watching lots of really great Netflix during our free trial period.
I've started a new quilt in oranges and blues... it will (hopefully) look like this one -ish following this little lady's quilt along... it's the first time I've REALLY ever worked with triangles (aside from that one teeny tiny sampler quilt that Mom helped me make for my Young Women in Action night {that's not what it's called... but I can't remember what it is... the night when you're a 12 year old and are going to go in YW? WHAT IS IT? It's driving me crazy now...}). But I seem to be having some success... I'm fairly pleased with my points, and my corners seem to be lining up all right!?! So, Mom, a picture for you:

Hope everyone else is staying cool!

ps. Mom, I got a copy of Austenland this weekend. Have you had a chance to read it, yet? If not, I'll send it to you when I'm finished.
pps. Need some movie options? I highly recommend Phoebe in Wonderland, On A Clear Day, Beauty Academdemy of Kabul, Bride and Prejudice, and Music Wars. Any recommendations for me?


::wandering:: to wendover???

back in march, i mentioned when i saw Vegas Vick that i kind of wanted to visit his cousin in
wendover. well, later that month while mom and dad and jill were visiting, we took an afternoon
trip out to the salt flats... once we realized how close we were to the border, we decided just to
keep going until we saw him!

so here he is!!! i can now check off two of the three nevada neon cowboys!
some quick facts:: he is one year younger than Vic, but stands 63 feet tall, enough to
get him into the Guinness Book of Records as the "World's Largest Mechanical Cowboy"

i know, i know, i'm a nerd.


::wandering:: 4th of july

so while Spencer and Amber and the kids were here, we headed up north to my family's
reunion... jill was already in the air, and took a layover in slc, so it turned into a reunion within a reunion!
we snuck away from payson lakes on saturday evening to take in the fireworks from stadium of fire.
they were all right, but i was pretty disappointed with the grand finale.
as soon as it was over, we took off running for the car, trying to beat the traffic.
just as we pulled out, the grand finale started. oh, brother.

afterward, we said goodnight and good-bye to amber and the kiddos...
they left sunday morning to head back to ABQ. it was so great to get to spend
some time with them... I miss them all a lot, and it's not very often that we see them.
(you know, the round the world flight gets in the way.)


::home:: visitors

we had some visitors last Thursday.
Sp&Co came in from Nigeria - we were sooooo happy to see them!
it's been over a year and a half.
too long.

amber and i and the kids had fun at the pool
while the chad and spencer headed out to zion to do a canyon.
i miss these five folks like crazy.
i wish they lived closer.
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