::wandering home:: back to the midwest

That's right - we just got back from a trip out to Illinois and
Wisconsin - we went for a wedding, to see family, and for a
stroll down memory lane (translation:: we walked through husband's
hometown of walnut, illinois - and i LOVED it!).

We saw nephews we'd only met once before, attended a
puppet show, a kindergarten graduation, a family birthday dinner,
and an elementary school lunch. We played at the park, at the pool,
and had a sleepover. We drove through a crazy rainstorm, watched
clouds rolling in from the porch, and outran the Streator tornado
by about fifteen minutes. We remembered how green other parts
of the country are and wondered why we live where we do. Then we
remembered how humid other parts of the country are, and knew the answer.
We walked the lakefront in Chicago, took a boat tour
of the buildings, and ate at Harry Caray's. Thinking back, it
seems like we squeezed a lot into our five days in town.

Now we just wish we lived closer
to more family, and had more rainstorms like they do out there.


Dave and Lindsey said...

You used your time well in those seven days. It was so good to see you guys. I'm especially glad the tornado didn't whisk you away! I was a bit worried.

Anonymous said...

V. here... you are the best aunt and uncle!!So glad you could catch up with family.

The Ringer Family said...

I miss those good thunderstorms:(

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