::wandering:: close to home

This weekend was a 3-dayer for us...
We took advantage of the extra time to get out of the heat and headed up to Pine Valley (in
the Dixie National Forest) for a little camping, a little hiking, and some great relaxing.
I had never been before, but it was gorgeous. The weather was perfectly warm
without being hot at all - it was nice and cool in the evenings. No bugs, brand new
campgrounds, and food cooked by husband.
*pretty much perfect*
Saturday morning, chad got up early for his 8 mile run (training for another half)
while I slept in. i picked him up an hour and 11 minutes later and we returned
to our campsite for a breakfast of champions - peanut butter cream cheese brownies
leftover from the night before. We jumped right back in our hammocks with our sleeping
bags and read and catnapped until we were ready to go.
Would def, def, def recommend a couple of nights up there.


hearblack. said...


are you guys headed to hawaii? ... or canada?

we would LOVE to send some local tips.
let us know!


blackstarmonkey said...

ohhh emm geee i'm mad.
mad i didn't know about THAT.

Anonymous said...

V. here...What super duper fun

Anonymous said...

V. here... And love your pics and cute campsite and wet dogs

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