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Chad's birthday this year was on Thursday, a weekday (bummer).
We celebrated by going out to a new-to-us restaurant, Anasazi, with Will.
We didn't realize until afterward that last year we went to an unfamiliar restaurant for his birthday, too.
A new tradition? We'll see... we might run out of restaurants too quickly.
But this place was good. Coming to see us soon? It'd be a good excuse to go again...
You just let us know if you're interested.
Their "novelty" is that food is cooked "on the rock" - meaning you cook it to your preference
on a hot rock that's brought out to your table. Three thumbs up.

my choice: avocado salad with skewered shrimp - i chose the dish i wouldn't have to cook

will's choice: the skewered shrimps and scallops with mashed potatoes

birthday boy's choice: steak with sauteed mushrooms

Just thinking about it is making me hungry again. It really was delicious.
We wanted to get fondue but were too full to even think about it.
Another excuse we have to return soon!

Hope you had a happy birthday day, dude - we're trying to cram in a
whole lotta fun this weekend to make up for having to work on a birthday...
Doing pretty good so far...

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blackstarmonkey said...

that crap looks sooooo good....

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