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As a continuation of the birthday weekend, we went to the Friday movie in the park, Solo.
Totally 80s movie, and I'll be honest, it was a bit more lame than we'd anticipated.

But Saturday made up for it.
We headed out to Zion at about 10 am with Will, Jordan, and Amanda. Remember last year when I went
canyoneering with Chad for his birthday? Well, he chose that again. So we suited up and headed out to Pine Creek...
I think I had even more nerves this time than last time, weirdly enough. This time there wasn't quite as much water,
so a little less swimming, and no wetsuits. We've got to go again this summer so there's not so much time in between.
I felt like it was my first time. Again.
But I made it.
We finished up our hike out with a stop at the swimming hole and then had a delicious dinner
at Oscars - another favorite.

Jordan had this cool little waterproof sports camera, so we got some pretty decent pics from our trip.
Click on the picture to view it larger:: left to right::
Jordan and Amanda:: me, getting ready to start the first rappel, very tense:: Amanda and me,
peeking out from behind a rock:: Chad coming down the last rappel::
Chad and Will are setting up the ropes, not doing what it looks like they're doing::
Amanda and Jordan making a splash in the swim hole, Will looking in amazment!

Thanks, everyone for a great time!


blackstarmonkey said...

you guys do the best things.

Anonymous said...

V. here...What a terrific B day party!! Does C. get to have a half B day party too? Just terrific!!
Breathtaking photo.

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