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my brother recently participated in a relay toward the cure
{as opposed to 'relay for the cure' :: he lives in nigeria}
we recently participated in a relay for life.
he was disappointed in how not-hard-core our team was...
we didn't go 24 hours.
we didn't have someone on the track the entire time.
we didn't all stay at the track, or even stay awake.
and not all of us ran. {majority, even.}
but we did have fun.
i walked 14 laps in my one hour,
and enjoyed the fireworks that went off while i was walking.
chad ran the entire hour.
i'm so impressed with his running skills.
he was going around the track every 2 minutes.
and never slowed down.
good job, dude. good job.


aspiring ninja = said...

hahahhaha you are funny.

Anonymous said...

V. here... It looks like a great team with lotsa spirit!! It is wonderful to be on a team with lots of talent too. A great job participating C. and running. And great job walking for a whole hour. You guys are great volunteers!!

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