::home:: the mud run

dear husband::
i'm so impressed at how well you run. up big hills, for 10 kilo-meters, ahead of the pack,
over walls, through the mud, across the river, into the tubes, under the logs.
you should be on, like, a tough man's show or something.

i always have fun at your races. good job accomplishing goals. i love you.


The Ringer Family said...

So cute Alison and way to go Chad. I definately agree - there's gotta be a discovery channel show in the works here for Chad. Something along the linds of survivor man and dirtiest jobs...hmmmm

blackstarmonkey said...

that's so freaking cool! Wish i'd been there to do it chad!!!

Anonymous said...

V.here...Wow....Are you tired from all the activities? I think I would have liked watching..but it looks like you went too fast to get mud on you!!... This is how you spend your day off??

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